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About IRE Ltd.

International Real Estate began life in 1987 as Knobs and Knockers Plc, it was subsequently known as Prior PLC, Criterion Properties Plc and finally took the name it has today of International Real Estate.

Knobs and Knockers Plc had two principal businesses:

  • Jennings Monk Limited, which traded as “Knobs and Knockers” which retailed, wholesaled and designed architectural hardware, home accessories and giftware (a large proportion of which was made of brass).
  • Bargets Residential Estate Agency, which had offices in Regents Park, Knightsbridge and Hampstead, and specialised in the sale of properties in some of London’s most exclusive areas.

Recognising the importance of property skills in retail trading in 1989 the Board purchased Prior, a successful property trading operation.  This gave the opportunity to expand the company’s base and increase the retail potential.

On 22nd December 1989 the company name was changed to Prior Plc. By 1995 the ironmongery side of the business had been disposed of and the focus of the company was the UK property market.

In 1996 the Prior family sold their interest and entire share capital in the company,  and on 2nd September 1997 the Company changed name to Criterion Properties Plc. As Criterion Properties the company continued to invest in the UK.

By 2000 the Company had decided to diversify into Europe, this Pan European diversification was seen as an exciting development in the Company’s expansion and an important opportunity to continue their growth.

The UK portfolio was disposed of in 2001 and the Company concentrated its efforts on the Benelux countries and Germany.  To better reflect the future activities of the Company the final name change was made to International Real Estate on 30th May 2002.